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The substantial surface of this beautiful table evokes the Platte of the U.S. state of Nebraska, one of the most significant tributary systems in the watershed of the Missouri.  The Platte itself is about 310 mi (500 km) long, but, measured to its farthest source via its tributary the North Platte, it flows for over 1,050 miles (1,690 km), mostly as a broad, shallow, meandering stream.

  • Specifications
    Dimensions (L x W x H)
    43 x 41 x 31 in
    187 lbs
    Base/Foot Material
    Base/Foot Color
    Custom Glass Top
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The Phoenix Collection
Throughout many cultures, the Phoenix Collection represents high virtue, grace, power, prosperity and strength. We invite you to experience these transcendent qualities for yourselves with the first installment of the Vosay Collection, Because the Sucupira tables enact a rebirth for these magnificent tree roots, our founders, our artisans, and you we’ve named each one after a river, symbolizing rebirth, community, the natural environment and life itself.We welcome you to Rebirth : The Phoenix Collection.