Our Story

When you incorporate your unique taste and flair for living into a space, it truly becomes your own.


There is no one like you.  No one!  You might sometimes feel you’re on a treadmill, going through the motions at the same pace as everyone you know.  Fact is, though, no one shares your experiences, your exact fingerprints, your particular talents, your constellation of hopes and dreams.

Expressing your individuality in our fast-paced world today can be a challenge.  Often, we try with our clothes, our shoes, our homes and our hobbies, to express who we are.  Still, it’s difficult to stay unique when the world is so full of the common, the trivial, the popular – and when so many products are mass-produced.


Our name, Vosay, is derived from the Portuguese word, você, which means you.  The focus of our offerings is to celebrate the uniqueness of the individual – you. We strongly believe that since what you bring to the world is unique, you should be rewarded with products that are just as unique as you are.


We advocate for artful, discerning design; for creating reciprocal relationships with the spaces and places where you live. Spaces may begin by telling you how they’d like to be used – for example, as a living area, dining area, bedroom, or functional kitchen. But when you bring your own unique tastes and flair for living to the space, it will begin truly to enhance your life.  Family time will be more positive and productive.  You and your family can even become stronger as a whole.

We invite you to take advantage of our offerings to create spaces in your home which will invite your family to gather and talk face-to-face about important things.  We invite you to share in each other’s successes and support each other’s evolving goals and dreams.  We invite you to aim for bigger, broader, better, together.


The Vosay Collection offers one-of-a-kind products that, like people, may seem at first glance to be similar.  But, just as no two sets of fingerprints or strands of DNA are exactly alike, not one of our products is exactly like another.

Each one is created by hand by highly trained artisans, out of unique materials.  The product you select from our collection to enhance your living space – and your life – is an absolute one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Our focus, in other words, is on art made functional, and on function expressed in art.  Our first installment in the collection, Rebirth : The Phoenix Collection, expresses that relationship perfectly.