Our Place in the World

“We must begin thinking like a river if we are to leave a legacy of beauty and life for future generations.”


― David Brower


When you incorporate your unique taste and flair for living into a space, it truly becomes your own.

At the VOSAY Collection, alongside our focus on bringing unique and functional pieces of art to the world and your home stands a commitment to environmental stewardship, social progress, and social equality.

As our Sucupira tables project shows, we invest in and bring you products that are created with an assurance of environmental sustainability and a commitment to the health of our planet. As we grow, we intend to contribute 10% of our profits to minimizing income equality through a focus on educational and employment opportunities for the economically disadvantaged both in Brazil and the United States.  We also believe in providing opportunities in entrepreneurship to economically disadvantaged people around the world, and each quarter will contribute a portion of our profits to support programs that do this.

Beginning with our partnership with the Sucupira table artisans, we will continue to cultivate strong partnerships and maintain an open dialogue with our partners regarding employment conditions in their operations.

Into the future, we pledge to be guided by our founding principles to contribute to making the world a more equitable place, and to work to sustain the environment for future generations.