A one-of-a-kind experience of the collaboration between art and nature.

The story of the Vosay Collection’s Sucupira tables begins with a family with deep roots in Brazil. Marcelo and Adriana Gerbi and their forebears had amassed over 12,000 acres of land, which, though used for many things over the years, had most recently been a grazing land for a vast herd of cattle, where Sucupira trees shaded and protected the animals.

As the cattle business was experiencing a downturn and the land had been overgrazed, Marcelo and Adriana wondered how to honor the legacy of past generations, as well as give rebirth to their land. With some research, keeping in mind their spiritual and environmental values, they found that their land was perfect for growing African mahogany trees.

With an eye toward global health and help from the Brazilian Institute for the Environment (IBAMA), they hatched a long-range plan to harvest the Sucupiras and turn the 12,000 acres to new uses. In 2010, 2,000 acres were set aside for planting African mahogany, while 7,000 were marked for eucaplytus to be used in bioenergy. Meanwhile, 3,000 acres were designated as a permanent protected preserve, where native flora and fauna would be allowed to prosper naturally.

The Sucupiras were harvested, their logs turned into lumber. Left behind were the gorgeous, large stumps and roots of each tree, and Adriana and Lucas, both artists, began to harvest these roots to make extraordinary, one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture. They opened their gallery in Campos do Jordão, where the Vosay Collection’s founders encountered their work and decided to form a partnership to create a spectacular collection of one-of-a-kind tables available for purchase in the United States.